James Munves

Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence.

"As absorbing as a superb drama or novel, Munves's reconstruction of 17 days in 1776 is wonder-filled reading for all ages.. . .Illustrated by photos, engravings and reproductions of passages in the Declaration of Independence, the book reflects the enormous efforts necessary to make the wording precise and unequivocal. The altered lines and substitutions draw the eye and mind to discarded phrases. . .most impressive effect of Munves's book is his portrayal of the complex character of Jefferson and the others involved in a momentous task." Publishers Weekly

Selected Works

A Short Illustrated History of the United States from 1776 to 1964
How the American people lived and worked, struggled for justice, and achieved world power
Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence.
changes in different drafts of declaration, draft by draft
The Kent State Coverup
about the shootings at Kent State University, May 1970
Andes Rising
Missing nuclear physicist, exotic bird lore, puzzles of evolution, in a new heart of darkness.